Thursday, January 20, 2011

Learning the ropes

Not much to say other than it is now time to start learning how to do the job I got hired for.  In a nutshell I'm overseeing two aviation contracts that the Department of Interior's Aviation Management Directorate in Boise, ID manage for the National Science Foundation who own the ice here.  These two contracts encompass about 10 fixed wing assets and 5 rotary wing (helo) assets. 
The flying is diverse to say the least.  In a typical season probably around 1500 hrs for helicopters and 3500-4000 for the fixed wing--this is in a 4 month period.  The scope is also fairly jaw dropping in that the flying is all over the continent, a continent that is nearly double what the lower-48 cover--and these guys are doing it on their own with no support in the deep field.  I'm going to start flying with these guys in the next week and can't wait to get out and see the day-to-day ops. 

Beyond that, there are the acronyms.  I speak Navy and general pilot acronyms.  I know need to take a crash course in Antarctic Aviation and Mcmurdo-ese.   So my nights are busy reading about programs, contracts, learning where all the camps are in the field and trying to remember the 25 names of equally important people I brief daily.  To quote an old Far Side cartoon, "My brain is full". 

Well, I am off to my room to get ready for some party where a bunch of distinguished scientists are touring here and planning the future of the NSF's program direction.  So back to my dorm...oh, here's a shot of that too, nothing fancy. I's better than a snow cave!

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