Sunday, January 16, 2011

USAP Gear issue -- Inside 24 hrs to go!!!!

Well it is around 90 degrees F here in Christchurch, NZ.  No better time than now to try on polar fleece and heavy down coats no? That's what I just did for the last 2 hrs.  Got a safety brief on what not to do on a C-17, what not to bring, what to bring, what to wear.  All fun. 

Looks like a an early go at it tomorrow.  We have a 0900 flight, with a 0500 check out of the hotel.  One last night in Christchurch (for a month at least). 

Sorry I have limited bandwidth here so I can't upload pictures.  More to follow in McMurdo. In the meanwhile:

To read more on the US Antarctic Program, go here:

To follow some of the science projects check out:

On neat one a good friend of mine is involved with:

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