Saturday, February 5, 2011

Monster Trucks of McMurdo

Since I first stepped off the C-17 3 weeks ago I have been surrounded by a strange new breed of vehicles.  To say this is a harsh environment and not your standard "wear and tear" on a vehicle is an understatement amongst understatements.  Vehicles are not only bigger, but they transform into new designs not seen anywhere. Ford F350 crew cabs evolve into giant snow mobiles, tractors take steroids, and snow plows come to grow up.

These are just a few of the behemoths wandering around town here...some are gear transports, some for people, some I have no idea...lots are used for what they call traverses.  This is a process they use to haul big gear that won't fit in a C-130 transport plane and is needed in deep camps.  They are able to traverse about 23-25 miles a day.  These are used to run fuel to the South Pole in the darkness winter for example.  It's about a 2 month road trip from here to there.

For perspective, the little red one on the left takes up the back of a C-17 transport.

I know what I want for next Christmas now...

Ivan...seats around 100 people.  Those tires are around 6 feet tall.

Pretty neat stuff, eh?  They actually had an event last Sunday where the operators toured folks around and drive some of the vehicles around.  I missed it, may next year.  It's probably for the better as I would have broken something....anyhow.  Just 2 weeks left here.  Can't wait to go home and get on with life.  Talk to everyone soon! Cheers from McMurdo...

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