Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cold Weather Clothes on a Warm Weather Day

So what better type of weather than sunny and warm to go try-on and get fitted for Extreme Cold Weather Gear or ECW Gear?  65 degrees here now.  Good times.

Off to the US Antarctic Program's Clothing Distribution Center or CDC out at the Airport in Christchurch. Basically everyone goes through the congo line there trying on the gear they have for you, trading what doesn't fit with something newer and sportier.  It's basically like REI, but everything is bright red and worn before you--probably like 20 times.  

The view from above...
Brrrrrr.....its 65 F outside, let's throw some heavy goose down on!
The nice thing about not being the "new guy" is they have everything out for you based on your previous gear issue and therefore it should all fit no problem, that is if you didn't grow or shrink in the off season.  I did neither so it was a quick "in and out" issue.

At the Clothing Distro Center for the US Antarctic Program

Bags of gear issued out to participants.  2 for everyone--like we didn't have enough stuff already!

Entry to the CDC
So, gear issued--CHECK.  Show time determined--CHECK (7:30am).  Dinner--not quite yet.  Need to get my stuff in order first.  Call home--CHECK.  Watched BSU game via skype--CHECK (Go Broncos!). 

So it's off to the ice tomorrow.  This time tomorrow I may have a post up for the flight down.  Hoping for an uneventful and boring flight.  We shall see.  Talk to you later.  Cheers.

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